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Business Operations on a part-time basis

What I Do

I execute on the CEO’s, president’s, or business owner’s vision.

I specialize in finding pain points and issues and fixing them.

I identify opportunities to accelerate growth, create and implement strategies.


Operational Reviews

A complete review of your operations to identify ways to improve your internal and external processes.

Financial Management

Cash is king, especially for small and medium businesses. Set KPIs and understand your financial performance and cash flow from an operational perspective.

Technology Solutions

Determine what technology across all divisions can be utilized to improve productivity while creating a data-driven decision making culture.

Change Management

Change can be difficult but with proper planning, stakeholder buy-in can be achieved.

Strategic Planning

Map out your company’s vision and translate the vision into strategic goals and operational actions. We determine “where to play” and “how to win” (Roger Martin).  Then I operationalize it.

Process Improvement

Planning and implementing effective processes across all functions and departments and create key performance indicators to monitor company performance on an ongoing basis.

Future Thinking

Develop strategies to grow and acquire companies and put the building blocks in place to make it happen.  Build out your innovation pipeline to ensure you are thinking about what’s next, if you arent, your competitors are.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Work with you to clearly understand and solve your customer pains.


Focus on what you are good at.  Bring in an expert in business operations

Who I Work With

I have worked with startups all the way to large matrix-based organizations.

My sweet spot is to work with small to medium-sized enterprises as things can move much quicker.

About Allan


Starting with a blank slate is fantastic but figuring out how to turn your idea into reality can be difficult.  Having someone who has “been there and done that” provides a path forward and you get to learn from their past experiences.

Growing companies

Growth is great but it creates new problems like onboarding customers, hiring, funding, cash flow, product development etc.. 

Scaling Ventures

Scaling happens before growth.  It’s putting the necessary pieces in place to support growth before it happens like infrastructure, people, processes, workflows, hiring, product road maps, etc.


Take a fresh look at your business or business model, and figure out what needs to change or improve to get you back on track.  Is it time to rethink your business strategy?

Fractional COO Rates?

It’s inevitable, I get asked, “what’s this going to cost” or “what’s a part-time COO cost?”  The answer is always the same, “it depends”.

My costs are aligned with your goals and your budget.  In the past I have done the following:

  • Daily Rates
  • Weekly Rates
  • Monthly Rates
  • Value-Based Pricing
  • % of Growth Revenue brought in
  • Commission
  • Equity

In other words, I am open to pretty much anything.

Do you Need A Fractional COO?

If you read this far then it might be helpful to define what a fractional or part-time COO is:

A Fractional COO is a leadership executive that acts as Chief Operating Officer on a part-time basis. A fractional COO’s responsibilities can vary and are typically customized to the needs of the business including marketing, sales, IT, and operations.

Think about the following questions:

  • Are you maximizing your revenue potential?
  • Are you setting goals and achieving them?
  • Are you managing your cash flow well?
  • Are you seeking capital?
  • Do you wonder about your pricing strategy?
  • Are you struggling to get products out on time, on budget, and within constraints?
  • How well do you truly understand your customer?
  • Are there untapped markets that something is stopping you from going after?
  • Do you understand your cost per acquisition of a new customer?
  • Do you want to take a step back and focus on long-term strategies and giving you room to visualize the big picture for your company’s growth and direction?

If you answered yes to all of them you are in great shape.  If you answered no to one or more then you should start thinking about a COO for your company.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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