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Some excellent listening from McKinsey & Company on innovation, the challenges, pitfalls and success stories from around the business world.

Voices on innovation
You want to innovate—but have you committed fully to it? Setting bold aspirations, making tough choices, and mobilizing at scale are vital to driving impact. Check out an article on how to get innovation right, and dive deeper with a series of related interviews from McKinsey’s Inside the Strategy Room podcast.


The innovation commitment
To catalyze breakthrough growth, leaders must set bold aspirations, make tough choices, and mobilize resources at scale.
Aspire and choose  


The committed innovator: A conversation with Neal Gutterson of Corteva
How a biotech scientist helped transform a traditional science organization into an innovation leader.
Focusing on R&D  


The committed innovator: An interview with Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo
When a marketing executive discovered an unexpected market opportunity, she disrupted the company’s original business—and became CEO in the process.
Learn how  


The committed innovator: An interview with Salesforce’s Simon Mulcahy
The cloud software provider’s executive vice president and chief innovation officer discusses how Salesforce’s innovation process creates distinctive buying experiences.
Read the interview  


The committed innovator: An interview with Kellogg’s Nigel Hughes
With more people eating at home than in the past 150 years, food companies have an opportunity. Nigel Hughes, head of R&D and Innovation at Kellogg Company, discusses ways to capture it.
Get his take  


The committed innovator: A discussion with investor Kevin O’Leary
The star of entrepreneur competition Shark Tank explains where he sees innovation opportunities in the post-COVID-19 era.
Gain insight  


The committed innovator: A discussion with Beth Comstock
How tolerance for risk, patience, and thinking small (where funding is concerned) can lead to breakthrough innovation.
See her view  
— Curated by Torea Frey, a managing editor in McKinsey Global Publishing based in Seattle

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