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When people reach out to me they have a myriad of different problems but certain stories resonate, here is one about a Digital Transformation where in one year I achieved a 20% cost reduction and doubled revenues.  Here is how I achieved these changes acting as a fractional operator:

An extensive overhaul powers next stage growth: A Digital Transformation Story

A marketing lead management company found new success by transforming its operations, marketing strategies and overhauling its backend infrastructure.

A national marketing lead management company was in search of innovative ways to grow their business.  Their core customer was in the subprime auto finance space.  They wanted to achieve a greater online presence where the company hoped to increase revenues. Additionally, they wanted to streamline & automate internal processes. There was extensive customer data that was under-utilized.

I performed a SWOT analysis was performed across the entire business; strategy, user interface, user experience, technology, analytics, and marketing. The customer data was analyzed and segmented to uncover the core demographic which allowed for better targeting. An extensive review of backend technology was performed. Their custom software was replaced with a fully integrated cloud-based Performance Marketing Attribution Lead Management System and a scalable call center solution. As new marketing initiatives were introduced, both online and offline, subject matter experts and support teams were hired and trained to manage these programs. A very collaborative working team was created who developed, tested, refined, and measured all marketing initiatives, a data-driven mindset was taught and took hold. Using data to make decisions about web interfaces/user experience, operational strategies, and marketing plans removed a lot of the guesswork about what works and where to focus.

In less than a year the organization saw a massive uptake in volume and revenues doubled. Conversion rates improved (~2-8%) across all marketing initiatives (traffic sources). Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) had decreased and lead quality has improved with better-targeted marketing campaigns. Brand awareness is up substantially as measured by branded search traffic. Backend maintenance costs have decreased (~20%). Internal processes have been automated freeing up key stakeholders to spend more time focusing on the business at hand. By learning how to utilize data analytics and build them into everyday decision-making, the company has grown its business and plans to continue the positive momentum.